Daily Bread

Is there anything that smells as good as fresh bread baking in the oven? I would have a hard time thinking of something to rival it. The time you've set aside to mix and knead and then to let those loaves rise, hardly seems like a sacrifice, once the aroma starts to fill your house.

Homemade bread...yes, we all love it. When I took a survey among friends and asked what they would like to learn to cook or bake, the number one answer was bread. So bread it is! Cooking school is in session and whole wheat bread is the first lesson.

In this class, we learn about whole wheat berries and how we grind those to make our own flour. Hard red, white, all purpose, unbleached and bleached - by the time you leave you will understand the difference in each and how to use them. 100% whole wheat bread can often be heavy, but you'll learn how to work with a few simple ingredients to help alleviate that problem.

We'll be tasting breads made from different kinds of flour and learn how to knead and shape loaves for the oven.

I'll be sharing my whole wheat bread recipe with you, what I call our "everyday loaf". I'm not kidding when I say it elevates morning toast or an afternoon sandwich to a whole new level. If you're interested in joining our next class, just sign up on the contact page. Hope to see you in the kitchen.

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