Lemon Pie Ice Cream

Summer's here, and it's time for ice cream! I love homemade ice cream and have a hard time picking my very favorite flavor, but this lemon pie, it's right up at the top of the list. Sweet and tart with crunchy bits of graham cracker, it really does taste like a frozen pie. It's also easy to put together and can of course be made days before you want to serve it, which makes it almost the perfect dessert in my book.

I've substituted key lime zest and juice for the lemon on occasion. It takes a little longer to put together, those key limes are so itty bitty, you know, and it took quite a few to yield half a cup of juice. It was delicious though. So, go for lemon pie or key lime pie and enjoy!

Zest your lemons first. I love my Microplane zester for jobs such as this. The recipe calls for 4 lemons. I usually buy a bag of lemons so I have enough to make a double recipe. My ice cream maker (which I love) came with two bowls. When I have room in my freezer, I store them there, so they are ready to go when the ice cream cravings hit. You can always use this recipe in an old fashioned ice cream maker too.

Pour the half and half into a medium sized bowl.

Juice the lemons. You'll need half a cup of juice. If the zest and juice from the lemons don't work out to exact measurements needed for the recipe, you can freeze any extras for later use. I freeze extra juice in ice cube trays and they thaw quickly when I need a little for a recipe. Fresh lemon juice is so much better than anything you buy processed in a jar, so don't throw any away!

Pour the juice and zest into the bowl, along with a can of sweetened condensed milk. Mix well and then pour into the ice cream maker. My machine takes about twenty minutes to freeze to a soft serve consistency.

After you start the machine, take your graham crackers and crush them into pieces. I just do this with my hands in a ziplock bag. You don't want fine crumbs, so don't overdo this.

Near the end of the churning time, add the graham crackers.

Scoop into a freezer container and freeze for a few hours before serving. This is an important , although sometimes difficult, step. Who wants to wait?

Hoorah for summer foods!

Lemon Pie Ice Cream

3-4 lemons

2 cups half and half

1 (14 oz.) can sweetened condensed milk

3/4 cup coarsely crushed graham crackers

Grate zest from lemons to equal about 1 Tablespoon

Cut lemons in half; squeeze juice from lemons into a

measuring cup to equal 1/2 cup. Whisk together

half and half, condensed milk and lemon juice.

Pour mixture into freezer container of an electric

ice cream maker. Freeze. Add cracker crumb

when ice cream is almost frozen. Transfer to

an airtight container. Freeze at least two hours

before serving.

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